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Cash Calendar – $50,000 to be won!

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$12,500 cash prize will be drawn on January 2, 2021!

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50/50 PRIZE drawn January 3, 2021

12 Monthly Draws on the 1st of the month of $2000 each

12 Mid-Month Draws on the 15th of each month of $275 each

52 Weekly Draws on every Monday in 2021 of $100 each


Deadline October 15, 2020, drawn October 16, 2020

Winner: Congratulations to Steve Leibel for winning the Humboldt Golf Club Cash Calendar $5000 Early Bird Draw!

Humboldt Golf Club Cash Calendar Draw Rules and Regulations

A maximum of 1000 cash calendars will be sold with a ticket price of $100. An add-on 50/50 ticket is available with each cash calendar purchase for $20 or 3 for $50. 50/50 prize will be dependent on how many cash calendar purchasers take the 50/50 option. Winner to receive 50% of total add-on tickets purchased. A maximum   of 3,000 Add-on tickets could be purchased.

Total prize payout of the Calendar portion of the lotto is $50,000. Maximum Payout possible on the 50/50 add-on is $22,000. Total possible prize value of all prizes is a $72,000.

Cash Calendar sales will begin July 1, 2020 and conclude December 24, 2020. All ticket sales will take place in the  province of Saskatchewan.

Draw dates: First draw (Early Bird) will be October 16, 2020, last draw will be December 27, 2021. Monthly on the 1st of each month in 2021, 12 Draws of $2,000 each. Mid Month on the 15th of each month in 2021, 12 Draws @ $275 each. Weekly on Monday of each week in 2021, 52 Draws of $100 each. Early Bird Draw on October 16, 2020 with 1 draw of $5,000 (the early bird purchase deadline is October 15, 2020). January 2, 2021, 1 draw of $12,500. 50/50 add-on draw is to be made January 3, 2021.

Following each draw, the ticket will be returned to the drum for all future cash calendar draws.

A cheque will be issued to winners and mailed to the address on the ticket, no later than 48 hours following each draw date.

Draws location and time: Bolt FM Radio Station, 640 – 10th Street, Humboldt, SK, S0K 2A0 at 11am. The liability of the licensee of this raffle shall be limited to the purchase price of this ticket. Winners and draw regulations to be listed on

Purchasers can contact the Humboldt Golf Club (Licensee) in the event of a question, complaint or dispute, our contact information is:

Humboldt Golf Club Inc., PO Box 2122, 1300 1st Street Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0, Phone (306) 682-2833, Email:

Lottery License #: LR20-0009


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