Cash Calendar Winners

Cash Calendar Prize Winners

Early Bird Prize Winner:

Steve Leibel of Tisdale – $5000

Grand Prize Winner:

Irene Thiemann of Humboldt – $12,500

50/50 Winner:

Kim Martin of Humboldt – $12,290

$2000 Monthly Winner:

Corey Crozon of Naicam –  January

Randy/Maurice Plemel of Humboldt – February

Alfred and MaryAnn Nienaber of Humboldt – March

$275 Winners

January 15th – Colleen Hill of Humboldt

February 15th – Noreen Meckelborg of Humboldt

$100 Winners

January 4th – Connor Niekamp of Saskatoon

January 11th – Clare Bilan of Saskatoon

January 18th – Grant Weyland of Regina

January 25th – Ron Poppel of Humboldt

February 1st – Myron Kennedy of Humboldt

February 8th – Landry Klapwijk of Saskatoon

February 15th – John Hricz of Lanigan

February 22nd – Sandra Syroteuk of Humboldt

March 1st – Steven Bourgeois of Lanigan



Congratulations to ALL the winners so far and all our future winners.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone for the tremendous success of the Cash Calendar! Your support of the HGC is appreciated!

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