Cash Calendar Winners 2022

Early Bird Prize Winner:
October 17, 2021

Willie and Jessica Birss of Saskatoon – $5000

Grand Prize Winner:
January 4th, 2022 – $12,500

Marianne Elliott of Humboldt


50/50 Winner:
January 5th, 2022 – $8695

Harold and Carleen Theissing of Humboldt


$2000 Monthly Winner: 2022

January – The Germain’s of Humboldt

February – David Hogemann of Muenster

March – Paula & James Schuler of Humboldt

April – Valerie McNally of Humboldt

May – Shawn Harmon of Humboldt

June – Roman & Elizabeth Sawicki of Humboldt

July – Katlyn Dale of Battleford




$275 Winners:

January 15thShawn and Ryan Blechinger of Humboldt

February 15thJake Klimosko of Battleford

March 15thLorie Menz of Humboldt

April 15th – Glenn Wildeman of Humboldt

May 15th – Scott Miller of Bruno

June 15th – Bertha Szautner of Humboldt

July 15th  – Grant Hoffman of Humboldt

August 15th – Kyra & Pat Schultz of Kelvington

September 15th 

October 15th 

$100 Winners:

January 3rd – Marianne Elliott of Humboldt

January 10th – Kaitlyn Bowman of Humboldt

January 17th – Wayne Kunz of Humboldt

January 24th – Colleen Hill of Humboldt

January 31st – Alfred & MaryAnn Nienaber of Humboldt

February 7th – Barry & Maxine Mesenchuk of Humboldt

February 14th – Lois Indzeoski of Humboldt

February 21st – Norm & Linda Mattock of Humboldt

February 28th – Rick Wilkinson of Humboldt

March 7th – Lynn & Corinne Richardson of Humboldt

March 14th – Gerry Brockman of St. Benedict

March 21st – Janis Krause of Regina

March 28th – Gary Meschishnick of Saskatoon

April 4th – Michael Weber of Humboldt

April 11th – TJ Bilan of Saskatoon

April 18th – Andrew Serhan of Preeceville, SK

April 25th – Tom Johnson of Humboldt, SK

May 2nd – Borris & Donna Dragicevic of Calgary

May 9th – Teresa Wassermann of Muenster

May 16th – Eric Tagseth of Humboldt

May 23rd – Nathan Unrau of Humboldt

May 30th – Leon Winkel of Humboldt

June 6th – Janice Krause of Regina

June 13th  – Jeff & Amanda Pfeil of St. Gregor

June 20th – Rick Schneider of Humboldt

June 27th – Kyra & Pat Schultz of Kelvington

July 4th – Ken Lee of Humboldt

July 11th – Evan Tremblay of Humboldt

July 18th – Drew Dale of LeRoy

July 25th – Leon Fleischhacker of Humboldt

August 1st – Bertha Szautner of Humboldt

August 8th – Adela Meyer of Humboldt

August 15th – Sandy Weyland of Humboldt

August 22nd –

August 29th –

$100 Winners:

Congratulations to ALL the winners so far and all our future winners.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone for the tremendous success of the Cash Calendar! Your support of the HGC is appreciated!

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