Cash Calendar Winners 2021

Early Bird Prize Winner:

Steve Leibel of Tisdale – $5000

Grand Prize Winner:

Irene Thiemann of Humboldt – $12,500

50/50 Winner:

Kim Martin of Humboldt – $12,290

$2000 Monthly Winner:

Corey Crozon of Naicam –  January

Randy/Maurice Plemel of Humboldt – February

Alfred and MaryAnn Nienaber of Humboldt – March

Lois Wempe of Humboldt – April

Pam Gobeil of Humboldt – May

Pat Toye of Humboldt – June

Arthur Marcotte of Candle Lake – July

Hannah Laforme of Muenster – August

Yvonne Clark of Estevan – September

Bonnie Frank Kaip of Humboldt – October

Donna Novecosky of Burr – November

Mike Schlosser of Humboldt – December

$275 Winners:

January 15th – Colleen Hill of Humboldt

February 15th – Noreen Meckelborg of Humboldt

March 15th – Darlene Bunko of Humboldt

April 15th – Brian Nett of Bruno

May 15th – Audrey Howard of Humboldt

June 15th –  Tanya Horachek of Humboldt

July 15th – Glen Weyland of Saskatoon

August 15th – Megan Kalthoff of Saskatoon

September 15th – Mary LeBlanc of Humboldt

October 15th – Mark Seidel of Humboldt

November 15th – Howard Lees of Humboldt

December 15th – Miles Engle of Humboldt

$100 Winners:

January 4th – Connor Niekamp of Saskatoon

January 11th – Clare Bilan of Saskatoon

January 18th – Grant Weyland of Regina

January 25th – Ron Poppel of Humboldt

February 1st – Myron Kennedy of Humboldt

February 8th – Landry Klapwijk of Saskatoon

February 15th – John Hricz of Lanigan

February 22nd – Sandra Syroteuk of Humboldt

March 1st – Steven Bourgeois of Lanigan

March 8th – Perry Rokochy of Humboldt

March 15th – Liz Becker-Sawicki of Humboldt

March 22nd – Ken & Karen Frank of Humboldt

March 29th – Barb Alberts of Humboldt

April 5th – Paula & James Schuler of Humboldt

April 12th – Cam Green 0f Naicam

April 19th – Jerome & Loretta Novecosky of Burr

April 26th – David Suer of Wakaw

May 3rd – Ellen Kachur of Humboldt

May 10th – Corey Schweitzer of Humboldt

May 17th – Stan & Wendy Hoppe of Humboldt

May 24th – Barry & Maxine Mesenchuk of Humboldt

May 31st – Jim Wassermann of Muenster

June 7th – Heidi Huziek of Humboldt

June 14th – Robbie Doepker of Humboldt

June 21st –  Michael Oleksyn of Prince Albert

June 28th – Kyra & Pat Schultz of Kelvington

$100 Winners:

July 5th – Lorne & Theresa Niekamp of Humboldt

July 12th – Joanne Lipinski of Saskatoon

July 19th – David & Wendy Hogemann of Muenster

July 26th – Brian Reifferscheid of Humboldt

August 2nd – Gary Pappenfoot of Humboldt

August 9th – Alex Schenn of Saskatoon

August 16th – Matt Creurer of St. Brieux

August 23rd – Colleen Hill of Humboldt

August 30th – Al Hoeber of Middle Lake

September 6th – Alex Schenn of Saskatoon

September 13th – Kim Brockman of Humboldt

September 20th – Michele Gallays of St. Brieux

September 27th – Eric Tagseth of Humboldt

October 4th – Maureen Lees of Humboldt

October 11th – Magdalen Dagenais of Humboldt

October 18th – Kelly Wolsfeld of Saskatoon

October 25th – Sharon Loxterkamp of Humboldt

November 1st – Rob and Donna Muench of Humboldt

November 8th – Russel Weber of Humboldt

November 15th – Chelsea and Jason Joa of Humboldt

November 22nd – Eileen Nienaber of Humboldt

November 29th – Jill Wark of Sooke, BC

December 6th – Mary Leblanc of Humboldt

December 13th – Brian Grest of Humboldt

December 20th – Carolyn Janidlo-MacLean of Humboldt

December 27th – Carol Oleksyn of Humboldt

Congratulations to ALL the winners so far and all our future winners.  A huge THANK YOU to everyone for the tremendous success of the Cash Calendar! Your support of the HGC is appreciated!

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